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I actually have a book on bras and I can send you the information that they have on bra sizing (and I believe they go into how you tell your bra is too big) ?


either submit/fanmail it to me or post it and tag me??

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Charlie Day - Drunk History 2x4


Pacific Rim- Max’s dads by ~loobeeinthesky

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just got off of the phone with Sammy - still in fact the loveliest

10/10 would recommend

MY DARLING i love talking to you :3

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Gender, Sex, Biology & Trans Women

Many of us understand sex and gender as categorically separate when envisioning trans women. How do we enforce transmisogyny through biological essentialist views of what we define as “sex” when imagining trans women? This storify examines how we enforce physical & ontological gender violence through non-consensual cisnormative separations of sex and gender. Sex is very much a gendered concept with its own colonial and violent baggage.

Note: This is a partial storify. Read the full version here 

This has just put into words why sitting in lectures with people referring to “the male sex” and “the female sex” makes me feel super uncomfortable even if they aren’t equating sex and gender?

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I’m glad you’re feeling better!

thank you!!

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Christian Bale is going to play Moses and where oh where are all the white people who are always so angry about race bending and historical accuracy??? Where are you??? Why are you not outraged??? I thought movies had to be historically accurate and races should never change from the source material???

Superconducting Supercolliders Music and Lyrics Introduction Masterpost!

Bracketed songs are unwritten/unreleased. Important note: read CWR’s tags on the lyrics posts for more information on the song themes.

All songs and links are not mine, they are the respective property of cleanwhiteroom, allyspock, friendkingmusic, and elementals-ao3 - I am just putting them all in one place for my own convenience, and that of my followers :)


  1. Thankless Child [lyrics]
  2. (Berlin)
  3. Central Dogma [original version with description] [lyrics]
  4. (Chemical Transmission of the Nervous Impulse)
  5. Enchiridion [lyrics]
  6. An Ancient Curse in the Modern Tradition [lyrics]
  7. Heliolatry [lyrics]
  8. Sea of Dirac [lyrics]
  9. Benzene [lyrics]
  10. LHC [lyrics]
  11. Evangeline [lyrics]
  12. En Règle (and Out) [lyrics]


  1. (Arrhenius)
  2. (Cross-tolerance)
  3. Syncope [lyrics]
  4. (Catholicon Codex)
  5. The Correspondent [lyrics]
  6. Strange Attractor [lyrics]
  7. (Delirium (Ontology Rejects Reductionism)
  8. Regeneration Part I [lyrics]
  9. Regeneration Part II
  10. (Burden of Proof)
  11. (Mesolimbic Pathways)
  12. (Feedback Loops)

Dreaming Correctly (EP)

  1. Plate Tectonics [lyrics]
  2. (Computational Esperanto)
  3. Hedy Lamarr [lyrics]
  4. Dreaming Correctly [lyrics]